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Vex Unblocked:

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If you love playing adventure games like Mario or smart pants, this is for you. Unlocked Vex is the first version of the game where you have to travel through different areas and complete simple quests. The main mission of the player is to reach the final door alive. There are many obstacles that await you in this game, including picks and deadly guns. You will also hurt yourself if you fall from a high place or if you swim underwater for too long. Each time you complete a level, you receive a medal: gold or silver. If you can finish the level in a short time, you will receive a gold medal. Note that you must use the control point system. You do not have to start the whole level from the start if you die, but the timer does not stop. Try not to die many times to get a gold medal. Enjoy Vex Unblocked in school for free on our website.