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Stick RPG Unblocked:

Stick RPG Unblocked Game

Stick RPG Unblocked is the first and original version of the popular game about the stickmen, where you can explore the whole city, do whatever you want, make money, use them, etc. Although this game has 2D graphics, I’m sure you will really enjoy it because it is very addictive and interesting. Before you start playing, select the plot: 15 days, 30 days, 45 days or endless. According to your choice, you get different tasks in the game. In the first attempt, I recommend that you play the story of the 15 days.

So when you start playing, your character has only $ 100 and he needs to use them wisely. Your main task is to get a college education to improve your science. You can also go to the bank to get a loan or even save money there. You can interact with almost any object in this game, including stick characters and cars. I’m sure you’ll have a great time playing Stick Rpg unlocked on our site.

Have fun with us!