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Stick RPG 3:

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Stick RPG 3 is a phenomenal stickman experience game. You fell into Paper Thin City, a 2.5-measurement world … Fortunately, a neighborly person bailed you out and you’re in a good place again. Presently you need to get by in this incredible city and figure out how to reestablish the first measurements. You require quality, appeal, and knowledge in this game!

Go to an exercise center or battle to expand your quality, turn out to be full to build your appeal (we don’t know how reasonable this is to be straightforward?), And set off for college to build your insight. Folks with boxing gloves will battle with you, so dependably ensure yourself and be set up for something. Work to profit and be elevated to profit. Another critical thing is to have an ID card to get to specific highlights. In stick rpgĀ 3, you have the opportunity to end up a decent or trouble maker. However, you go, attempt to endure the tough city and discover your direction home!


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Shift to sprint
  • Left click to interact