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Stick Hero:

Best Stick Hero Unblocked Game

Stick Hero is a simple arcade game that you can play with just one finger, controlling a little man who has to cross cliffs using poles.

The game in Stick Hero is very simple: you have to touch the screen to place your bar over the abyss, keeping in mind that the longer you keep pressed, the more your bar will extend. If the pole does not reach the other side, or if it goes too far, your hero will fall. Because of this, you will have to be very precise and careful about the length of the stick.

While playing Stick Hero, you will find many different scenarios, all very beautiful. You can also pick cherries that you can use to get new characters to play with.

Stick Hero is a wonderful game that offers a fun and addictive game, a control system perfectly adapted to touch screens and spectacular graphics.

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