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N Game 2:

Best Unblocked N Game 2 Game

The second version of the popular game N is now available for free. The developers did a good job and created incredible levels. The game is still about a lonely ninja who has to travel through different places and solve puzzles. The levels in the game are pretty simple: all you have to do is get to the exit door alive. At some levels, you must first open the door with the special button, and only then will you reach the door. The game N seems to be a very interesting and addictive game because I spent an hour playing and I still want to continue.

The first levels of the N Game 2 are pretty simple. Just use your ninja skills and get to the door. At higher levels, you will notice many obstacles that will try to kill you. For example, you will face bombs hanging on the wall and a kind of laser. You must be quick to overcome these difficulties and succeed. Another interesting feature of the game is that it offers a multiplayer mode. You can play with your friend and complete levels together. I think it’s amazing.

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